Our Mission

The Christian Medical Response Team’s purpose is to provided medical coverage at large events, to serve as a disaster response team for the State of Washington and to respond to the medical needs throughout the world in a loving and humble Christ-like manner with a commitment to medical excellence. Our goal is to show the compassionate care of the Great Physician to the world. We are excited to also reach out to our local community doing mobile clinics as the West Sound Free Clinic.


The Christian Medical Response Team was started in 1994 to provide care for DC ‘94, Youth for Christ’s conference in Washington, D.C.. Originally named The Youth for Christ Medical Team, the team provided care to more than 20,000 Jr. High and Sr. High students for five days. A field “hospital” was set up at the Washington Convention Center and a “M.A.S.H.” style tent was set up on the Mall in front of the United States Capitol for a rally with approximately 50,000 people.

To prepare for the D.C. event, the team trained with Rock Medicine, a world renowned medical team that has been providing medical care at large rock concerts for more than 20 years. The Christian Medical Response Team has worked in conjunction with the Rock Medicine team to provide medical services at the last five Grateful Dead concerts in Seattle. In addition, we have also provided care for the Metallica concert in Seattle. The team has also served at the last three “Big Splash” events (an outdoor rally for Jr. and Sr. High students numbering as many as 7,000).

CMRT was the lead team for the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina. CMRT has also responded to Hurricane Pauline in Mexico and Hurricane Mitch in Honduras. We have provided care in Peru and India in rural settings as well.

Strategic Plan

Our team is made up of volunteer EMT’s, Paramedics, RN’s, Medical Assistants and Physicians. We also have outstanding support staff functioning in nonmedical roles.

CMRT is a DMAT IV Team that performs under the authority of the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management and the State of Washington. In addition, we may deploy as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in partnership with Medical Teams International.